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Welcome to the official store of the musical project " Songs for the World " ! Our goal is to spread a lot of positive energy throughout the world, and to send the MESSAGE of togetherness to all the people with our songs in 6 languages. The merch collection " Save the World Today " (also name of one of our songs) is inspired by the current period in which we all live. We want to inspire people to help each other and to show respect to everyone, no matter what orientation. Now is the right time to make a positive impact on our society, and that all together we create a better future !

The products in our store are all high quality and our team is on your disposal if you need any help about your order. I hope you will like our products and that you will find something for yourself. Our aim is to help people in need, so a part of the earnings will be used for charity projects. New songs are coming out during the next months, as well as new products in our store. #keeptheworldpositive is our hashtag, so that's the way we want to go, spreading positive energy throughout the world. Explore the website and find out more about our work and offers. The welcome gift is waiting on you below! Thank you for your support!

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Music , Positive Energy , Togetherness ! Welcome !

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  • How to stay positive ?

    The World lives in difficult times, but with love we will overcome all the obstacles that we will face along the way towards the betterment of society.

    As a gift for you and for giving you positive energy, I will send you the first EP Album "Save the World Today" + 3 more songs (2 unreleased) for download. I hope you will enjoy the songs.

    Welcome gift (Free Album) 
  • The World around us

    We live in times where we have a lot of information available in minutes.

    Our responsibility is to explore and to figure out different ways of reaching our personal and global goals.

    Each one of us has a lot of potential, but not everyone uses it, mostly because of the limits set in the head.

    We are all great! We are all one!

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  • Always have faith!

    It all start with Love! If you love yourself, you will show love to others and good emotions will be spread easily.

    Believe in yourself always!

    You are unique and you can't compare with anyone else. Be the best version of yourself, be good to others, stay positive and you will attract good things!

    Together we will create a better future!

    Free CD as a gift for you